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Mainsail (n): the primary sail that captures wind to lift and drive the sailing boat forward.   


Our firm, Mainsail Certified Public Accountants, is at the helm of our client’s accounting and consulting needs. We aim to deliver financial guidance for the professional growth and personal empowerment of our clients and communities.


We value relationships with our diverse and inclusive network of clients. We seek to listen to, learn from and strategize according to each client’s unique story.  


At Mainsail, we prioritize the financial empowerment and confidence-building of our clients.  


We know that the whole is stronger than its parts. We give back to our communities through financial education, professional development, and volunteering.

At Mainsail, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards of our field. Our client’s trust and satisfaction drives what we do and how we do it.




Mainsail CPAs began as a dream for independence, self-sufficiency and freedom. Throughout her career, Kat Grier daydreamed of sailing around the world. She envisioned a future of financial security to enable adventures and travel. Together with long-time business partner Don Toth, and other former colleagues, Mainsail CPAs was founded to motivate and navigate clients toward their own future goals, aspirations and adventures - whether on land or the high seas.



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